Toll charges maharashtra

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Petitioning: Government

Petitioner: started on February 5, 2012

Toll rules are not easily available on net.
Toll plazas are very frequent on roads.
There are budget of PWD and MSRDC for websites. But they dont tell on their website about list of all roads, toll roads and category of people with wiver.
There is ancient rule that journey have a short of time or hurry. they use these weakness. Poor people also get charged heavile. Suppoose poor person has to travel urgently to his native where state bus frequency is less in Small rented car. That person have same toll charges as BMW / Merc.
These people travelling in rented carss should be waived from tolls as both user and car service provider are not rich. Over this Govt buses are also charged for toll.
And many vehicles pass without toll for unknown reason.

it is big loot.