The People of Gobardanga demands basic right of minimum medical facilities

  5 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: Govt.Of West Bengal

Petitioner: Gobardanga Hospital Bachao started on June 9, 2017

The People of Gobardanga demands basic right of minimum medical facilities

Gobardanga,a small town of N24 Pgs has the rich tradition of fostering Education,Art and Culture.The municipality of this town was established in 1870.The history of Health Centre of Gobardanga is also ancient.As per A Stasistical Account of Bengal,24 PGS edited by WW Hunter,in 1872,under British Govt, at the Gobardanga Health Centre 1732 patients took medical facilities yearly and the Govt. spent 116 dollars per anum.In 1957,Gobardanga Primary Health Centre was established in 1957 at Goipur.Gradually,this health centre was transformed into a Rural Hospital with 30 bed,minor operation theatre,sufficient test facilities in 2001.The North 24 PGS Zila Parishad took the charge of it and it functioned until 2015.Suddenly the Zila Parishad stopped the indoor facilities.So,at least 5 lakh people of Gobardanga and its adjacaent Panchayets of Habra I & II,Gaighata and Swarupnagar suffer a lot for want of minimum medical facilities.

People are suffering hard and they are denied the basic right of enjoying govt medical facilities.The lives of people of these areas are totally insecure.

In this situation,as a resident of Gobardanga,I request all to sign the petition for drawing attention of Govt of West Bengal so that they take initiative to reopen the hospital immediately to save the lives of destituted people.

Pls.Sign the petition and record your demand for minimum medidical facilities from Govt.