Stop frivolous petitions to save precious judiciary time

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Petitioning: Indian Public

Petitioner: Rana Gupta started on April 22, 2017

We come across multitude of petitions that are filed in the name of hurting public sentiments or religious sentiments. What purpose do they serve for the interest of larger public except wasting precious time of judiciary and law enforcement agencies?

If it truly does is hurting any particular group then shouldn't it be required for the person filing the petition to prove that he does represent that group and the group does support his statement? So, it shall be a mandatory requirement to have signatures from at least 1% of the groups population that the petitioner suggests to have been hurt. So, if the petition is being filed in the name of "public sentiments" then he shall get signatures of 1% of Indian population as per the last census. If he is filing the petition in the name of the religion then he shall get signatures of 1% of that religious group.