Reconstruction Law for Old Buildings

  1 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Improvement in Reconstruction Laws for dilapidated and very old buildings

Petitioner: Kanika Verma started on March 31, 2017

Dear all,

Through this petition, I wish to highlight the state of very old building that do not get adequate repair and occupy more land resource than necessary.

Old small buildings in metros like Mumbai, Delhi etc take up lots of space in prime locations and yet they do not provide sufficient accommodation. Such buildings should be demolished and should be rebuild according to latest technology and facilities. Developed countries like US have a minimum age of the buildings after which they are demolished and reconstructed to make the best use of land. With the huge population that we have in India, such law of reconstruction will help provide accommodation to more and reduce human encroachment on land resource.

The land can be reconstructed according to the wishes of the owners after the old structure is destroyed.

The law will prevent the delay in necessary reconstruction work due to private interest or undue hindrance.