Protest against the Unjustifiable Takeover of the Parthasarathy Temple

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Petitioning: Justice and Protection of the Beliefs of the Hindu community

Petitioner: Protect Devotees's Belief started on November 10, 2017

Protest against the Unjustifiable Takeover of the Parthasarathy Temple

Be it a mosque, a church or a temple, people visit these holy institutions, because of a single factor, their beliefs. The beliefs of any community can never be weighed down or be considered more important, since our country is a democratic stating equal rights for all of her people in terms of gender, caste and religion. Each person's hopes and beliefs are put into their prayers, which are presented in the form of offerings or donations. These donations are to be strictly used for the development of the religious institution, social services and providing services for the devotees.

No government authority has any right to tarnish the beliefs of any community by taking over the respective religious institution.

The takeover of the historic Parthasarathy Temple in Guruvayur, Kerala by the government authorities, completely against the consent of the devotees, that too with the permission of the High Court (who is supposed to be the authority for providing equality and justice) is completely unjustifiable and insulting to devotees all around. This is not just a petition, it is the "Voice of an Individual's Belief".

I beseech all individuals, who has respect for each other's belief, to kindly contribute your voice against this injustice by signing this petition. This petition will be sent to the highest authorities for immediate action.

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