Protest Against AMRI-- A Corporate Crime

  12 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: AMRI Authority

Petitioner: JSM started on February 5, 2012

Dear Friends,

The ghastly incidence of fire which claimed 93 lives ( including those of two sisters ) at AMRI, Dhakuria has stunned all of us. Subsequently, it was known that there were utter callousness and negligence on the part of the authority of AMRI hospital. They flouted the fire safety norms, building rules and WEST BENGAL clinical establishment rules to maximize their profit. They were running the business for the last four months without a valid fire license which caused the havoc. The death of helpless patients in the beds of general wards and ICU/ITU due to suffocation and burn in this manner is unprecedented in the history of healthcare in this country and abroad. The hospital authority made the situation worse by not informing fire brigade & police and by preventing the local rescuers from entering the premises.

The whole incidence has grossly eroded the faith of the people in the health care service in the state. We are to hang our heads in shame for these misdeeds. Many people from the neighboring states and also from foreign countries regularly come here for healing and cure. This irresponsible act of a handful of people has made a big dent in the credentials of all doctors and health workers of West Bengal as the incidence is not merely an unfortunate accident but a deliberate act of commission on the part of the concerned hospital authority which caused so many deaths and injuries.

In this situation we appeal to all doctors, sisters, paramedics and heath workers of the state to BOYCOTT ALL BRNCHES OF AMRI in all possible ways. We ask them not to join , work , admit or treat patients at the Dhakuria, Salt Lake or Mukundapur branches of the said hospital.

Please put your valuable signature in this online petition and circulate it to your friends related to medical and healthcare services.