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Petitioner: Kishore Banapuram started on April 28, 2017

I am one of those unlucky folks who have booked tickets for Bahudurshah Bali 20 days before the release and in the end got a apology message from BookMyShow.

I got an email from BookMyShow on the 11th of April'17 to pre book the tickets of Bahubali 2. I called the customer service and checked the genuinity of the email, wherein they have confirmed that it is a fact and I can go ahead and book the tickets.

So immediately I went ahead and booked 10 tickets in 3 different theatres.

Days passed and I did not have any communication on the tickets.

Finally on the 26th April'17 I get a messe from BookMyShow stating that they are working on my tickets and I should get a confirmation on 27th April'17 afternoon.

I waited till 3 in the afternoon and to my anxiety I thought to reach the customer care!!

Here comes the first meaty blow..Customer care number is busy and drops the call immediately.

I drop an email to them to check the status!! Shit I get a generic response!! - Blow #2

I open my Facebook account and start messaging BookMyShow..after a series of 4-5 messages I came to know that I was talking to a "BOT" - Blow # 3

I write on their wall regarding the tickets..I get a response at last and to my fortune it happened to be a negative one itself!!

10 PM in the night I try my luck to reach the customer care again..After 31 mins I get in touch with a customer care agent who tells me the same..which pissed me more.

I try to book tickets online again!! But I know it is all in the vain.

I have few questions for BookMyShow hope they will answer!!!

1. Did you have any idea if the pre book concept has failed?? What was your back up for it??

2. You collected money from a lot of people like me..and kept it for more than 20 days..what happened to it?? And what were you doing with those funds??

3. You guys say that there are people who have got confirmed tickets on pre book..kindly share the list ...which can make us trust you guys???