please give my working days salary

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Petitioning: kidzee school at Anand Gujarat

Petitioner: Indrani started on April 4, 2017

Kidzee School — Salary not received

I have worked a school name kidzee at Anand Gujarat.After working 45 days they dont want to give salary to me from february and march.i took 15 days leave in february.they said me after cutting 15days salary they will give my payment.but in march when salary time came they didnt given me 15 days salary also.i told them to pay me only 15 days salary only for that month.1stly they told me you will get your salary after completing this march month.after that clerk told me you have worked only 8 days.after working 15 days.the school dont have any rules.they dont have any responsiblity.they dont know how to behave with a teacher.when i want to resign they said to me ok you will get 1month 15 days salary.i agree.but last day of my school they told me they dont give any money to me after working for 45 days.the school only for taking money from students parents and teachers.they dont have any rules and system. i have right to ask for my working days salary.they dont gave any appointment letter, no salary details, nothing at documents from this a school?please give me my working days salary.I HAVE RIGHT TO GET MY WORKING DAYS SALARY ATLEAST.