"Padmavati" : Write your own history else other will keep writing.

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Petitioning: Result of history without record

Petitioner: Nationalist Hindu started on November 24, 2017

1. Padmavati is being released under the category of "Historical Facts" movie which definitely another form of written as well as visual history in creation for future generation.
2. If this is been released under the category of "Fiction" then there would have not been problem for anyone.
3. There has been a story floating around that the character "Padmavati" in itself is "Fiction" and some historian says that some poet wrote about it after 200+ Years. We as a hindu for sure did not transferred our values, culture and history well to our subsequent next generation so others are writing whatever they want to write and they have successfully written in past as well.
4. Those past mistakes are just in front of us now and those ignorances costing too much today that people like Royals family struggling to prove their existence. They are falling short of words because they did not keep records, and because someone else wrote about them in written so public is taking them as fiction rather reality.

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