Making First Aid Training Compulsory in Schools

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Petitioning: Making First Aid Training Compulsory in Schools

Petitioner: Nik started on April 3, 2017

Making First Aid Training Compulsory in Schools

An Emergency can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone.What does one do when an Emergency, we call the Doctor or Ambulance but by the time it comes, we might be already very late in saving a life.Knowing First Aid Procedure will make us prepared at all times.

We are taught many things in school but many of them we dont need in our further live but First Aid knowledge will be helpful to ourself and others including the people we love for LIFETIME. There are many cases like Heart Attack, Shock, Minor accidents, Insect Bite , Paralysis Attack , Cold burn or Hot Burn, Drowning, handling a Fainted person, Ingestion of poison etc , where simple first aid techniques could prevent loss of a life or prevent loss of a Important body part.Think about it !, haven't you heard or had any family member having a heart attack? and you or someone is there and dont know what to do, Dont you think ?, may be if you knew some simple first aid procedures you might save his/her life or DEFINATELY increase chances of survival.Think about it !, havn't you heard or had someone's accident ? and you or someone is there and dont know what to do until the ambulance comes, Dont you think ?, if you what first aid procedure you can do just to increase his/her chances of survivial.

One immediate way of easily applying this in all schools and without any heavy investment like first teaching the professors and teachers and then they teach to students, we can ask medical students from 3rd year or 4th year to teach first aid in schools as a part of assisgnments (like the assisgnment they do of going to every door to give polio vaccine) and after some years like 20 or 30 , no need for this as the students who have learnt this will become teachers themselves and can teach to students themselves.