Let The Teenager be Responsible and Mature

  8 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: Teenagers of the Age 16 years and above should be allowed to Ride Two wheelers

Petitioner: Priyank Mehra started on March 5, 2018

To the Government Of India
I want to Draw the Attention of the Concerned Authorities towards the Teenagers who have Completed the Age of 16 and thus know the Risks and their Safety. Therefore Licensing Provision should be Made for the Children Of the age 16 years and above for Riding the Two Wheelers having the Maximum Capacity of not more than 110Cc and those without Any Gear. There are Many Children Of the School (of the Age 16 years or Above) who have their School away from their From Home and thus usually they had go to Their Respective Schools with the Two Wheelers. Hence keeping this in Mind, it should be made Legal without any Delay. Forcing Law on Children which is really not justified (as 16 year olds are Mature enough atleast to Ride a Two Wheeler ).