Irresponsible Behaviour of Shri Rajniti Prasad(MP, Bihar)

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Petitioning: Shri Mohammad Abdul Aziz Ansari -- Hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha

Petitioner: INDIAN started on March 19, 2012

Irresponsible Behaviour of Shri Rajniti Prasad(MP, Bihar)

The Hon'ble Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

Dear Sir,

As a Citizen of India, it pains me deeply to see that no action has been initiated against Shri Rajniti Prasad, MP who during the Last session of the Rajya Sabha snatched the papers from Hon'ble Minister Shri Narayanaswamy and tore and threw the paper in front of the Prime Minister. Rightly, you had adjourned the house but even after the House was reconvened, no motion was moved to initiate action against the recalcitrant member by the leader of the House, The Hon'ble Prime minister of India. Nor any action of naming and suspending him was taken by you as the Chairman of the House.

The entire episode was watched by millions of your fellow countrymen
who felt equally insulted. But what has added insult to our injury is that even in the current session, no action is being taken against him.
Both the Houses of Parliament are the temples where our Constitution
is enshrined and it is a matter of National Shame that such insulting
acts go unpunished.

May I, as a citizen of India, implore you to see that effective action is taken in the matter, so that this shame can be wiped out eventhough it can not be blotted out from our memories.

Yours most truely,

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