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Petitioning: Ministry of Railways- Government of India

Petitioner: Ravikiran started on July 4, 2009


An unheard protest recently took place at Basavan Bagewadi station in Belgaum district where Belgaum Miraj Passenger train was held up for half an hour. The youth here were asking for upgradation of platform and facilities at Bagewadi station and very importantly they also submitted a demand list including Belgaum Dharwad direct railway line immediately. Our District in charge Minister from Hubli Mr Bommai doesn't seem to be aware of these issues.

Even Bagalkot and Bijapur cites with less than 2 Lakhs of population have trains connecting Bangalore, but, Belgaum-Kittur and Dharwad a BIG NOTHING!!!! , are we all not responsible for this NOTHING!!!..?
The railway budget has nothing for the region this time as our urges and requirements were never carried forward in parliament thorough our elected representative.

Think !!! Some benefits of Belgaum Dharwad rail line become reality

Reduction of travel time and access to Historical sites of Kittur, bringing this place on Deccan Odyssey/ Golden Chariot network.
Few trains can Originate form Belgaum via Dharwad towards Bangalore
Belgaum-Dharwad-Bangalore Intercity express
Belgaum-Kittur-Dharwad-Hubli (intercity express and passenger trains )
Belgaum- Dharwad-Hubli-Bangalore-Chennai Express
Belgaum-Dharwad-Mysore Express
Belgaum-Dharwad-Kochiveli Express
Belgaum-Dharwad-Gadag Express
Belgaum-Dharwad- Bijapur- Solhapur
Slip Coaches for Vasco Howrah Express to Londa
Slip coaches for Hyderabad to Hubli
Slip coaches for Madgaon to connect Mandovi express to Mumbai
Slip coaches for Madgaon to connect Konkan Kanya express to Mumbai

This line should be doubled and become trunk route in Karnataka till Bangalore. This would thus boost the region's overall development, which has been deprived inspite of its significant potential.

I hope our words would soon reach the Minister of State for Railways K.H. Muniyappa, who is a MP from Karnataka.

One of the possible proposals :