Income tax payers to get privileged servises

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Petitioning: Income Tax department

Petitioner: SACHIN SHARMA started on February 20, 2017

We have Banks giving Debit/ Credit cards which are classified as Platinum, Gold and Silver based on the net worth of the customer. The higher the value of card the customer gets more value of transactions and discounts on the charges of services. Similarly even Telecom and Airline companies give a different treatment and services for their privileged customers. Every service sector has a loyalty programme for giving better services for their privileged customer who gives them the maximum revenue.
Out of about 134 crores of Indians not even 4 crores pay taxes. Not that rest of people don't earn money to pay taxes but the tendency is to avoid paying taxes.
Yet everyone wants to enjoy the privileges of being citizen of this country. Why don't the Indian Government run a loyalty programme for tax paying citizens and classify the citizens into Platinum, Gold and Silver PAN cards or Aadhar cards. The more tax paying citizen gets better services in Government offices. For example a Platinum tax payer gets his birth, death or any other certificates that he needs made by a specific official without standing in queues or gets discount on property taxes or toll taxes etc that he has to pay. A person carrying the privileged card will get faster services at Government offices. This itself will make others who earn money but not paying taxes motivated to pay their dues instead of questioning why should they pay income tax on money hard earned by them.
I am not asking for red beacons for taxpayers but at least a better treatment when it comes to government services. If this idea deserves attention, Please get implemented.