Immediately Arrest Deepak Sharma

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Petitioning: Deepak Sharma- A pyscho self proclaimed guardian of Hinduism

Petitioner: Dishant Shah started on August 1, 2017

Most Indians by now would have become familiar with this name Deepak Sharma. A psycho self proclaimed guardian of Hinduism, who recently posted a couple of videos with filthy and abusive language ( which no religion permits, let alone Hinduism) and also in one of the videos seen thrashing a guy whose identity is not revealed as he was making and posting memes on the social media. On his account on Facebook ( ) you can see various posts as well with same filth and hatred towards a particular minority group. India has been and will be a secular nation always. Not just because our Constitution say so but because we the citizens of India believe. And when such people get social and public with minimum Knowledge about their own religion or that of others, all they are doing is spreading hatred and distrust in humanity. After going through his profile if you think that there needs to be some legal action taken against this person please sign this petition.