I was cheated by R.K.Technologies in Swatch Vidyalaya Project of MHRDC

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Petitioning: R.k.Technologies is taking advantages of our trust & cheated of Rs. 40 Lakh

Petitioner: Prakash Alfanso started on February 2, 2017

Sub.:- Breach of trust and cheating by Mr. Arvind Dethe Director of R.K.Technologies in Swatch Bharat Abhiyan (Construction of Toilet) Project.
We, Prakash Alfanso & Deepak Alfanso resident off Vasai-Mumbai this is a complaint against Mr. Arvind Dethe Director of R.K.technologies having its registered office at Akola Maharashtra & awarded work order from NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) for construction of Prefab toilet ( Readymade Toilet) at various Govt. schools at Darbhanga District rural areas in Bihar. ( Jale, Kusheshwar, Kiratpur, Gaurabauram,Ghanshampur & other)
Name of the contract & project : M/S R.K.Technologies Akola, Supply and installation of prefab toilet block under Swatch Bharat Abhiyan/ Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan under the supervision of MHRDC ( Ministry of Human Resource Development)
NTPC Po No . 4200041361-M10-1001,Dated 23-05-2015 Order Qty. 160 units. Revised Qty 120 nos. (Ntpc had provided school list of 160 toilets but after survey we had found that many schools did not have space available for construction of toilet so we had taken the approval from NTPC & constructed 120 toilets)
Rate per Prefab toilet : 170000/- Per toliet ( 118000 prefab toilet cost, 28000 installation cost, Rs.5.59 paise per Km transportation cost ( From Akola to School site at Darbhanga) plus Taxes.
In the month of April 2015 We, Prakash Alfanso & Deepak Alfanso we had associated with R.K.Technologies who is dealing with Toilet Manufacturing & Bio Toilets. Arvind Dethe told us that you invest twenty five laks & handle overall operation of the project I will give you 50% partnership, I thought this is a very good opportunity , I had left my highly paid job of Sintex Industries, I was handled overall project & successfully completed the project of construction of 120 Toilets in Bihar Darbhanga District Govt.

In this Project R.K.Technologies role was procurement of prefab toilet material & supplied it to godown at Darbhnaga Bihar.
Our Roll was to handle site operations it include ( School Servey, Submission of bills & payment follow, Coordinate with NTPC, Lizpit Formation, Plumbing , and Erection of Structures)
We had started this project in the month of June 2015 & completed on April 2016 & R.K.Technologies got his full & final payment of Rs. Two Crore Four Lakh Rupees.

We were four person involved in this project :
Myself Prakash Alfanso (Project Incharge) & Rajesh Sharma (Godown Incharge), Jugal Rohila ( Technical Supervisor), Deepak Alfanso (Supervisor).
Myself Prakash Alfanso & Rajesh Sharma handled the overall project.
Jugal Rohila & My Brother worked for the period of July 2015 to September 2015) & they had contributed for construction of 62 prefab toilets.

I was the signing authority of this project & I did the following for this project :
• On 1st June 2015 I had gone to NTPC kanti thermal power station office at Muzzafarpur Bihar I was gathered the school list & did the survey of schools.
• I had developed the vendors for construction of Leach pit & prefab Toilet installation work.
• I was organize godown at darbhanga for store the prefabricated material.
• I had coordinated with NTPC project head & Block Coordinators & given them project progress reports also given the same report to Arvind Dethe.
• I had coordinated with NTPC Block coordinators & involved with supervision & Inspection of toilet.
• I had given report of completed inspection toilet to Arvind Dethe, based on which he prepared the bills & send it to my email id.
• I was the signing authority of this project I took the printouts of invoices, prepared other related documents & submitted in NTPC Kanti Thermal power station( which was 45 kms from Darbhanga from where we stay).
• I did the entire procedure of submission of bills to final payment follow.
1. Mahamaya Pilar House Muzzafarpur ,Mr. Shivpujan Singh
(Constructed Eight Leachpit work at Kusheshwar Ashtan)
2. M/S Bajrang Traders , Darbhanga Mr. Dhanraj
(Constructed Twenty Leachpits at Jale Block)
3. Mr. Ramesh Kumar , Darbhanga
(Constructed one Leachpit)
4. Mr. Sushil , Kusheshwar Asthan
(Constructed 16 toilets leachpit construction work at Kusheshwar Asthan)
5. Raj Construction Mr. Abhay Singh Patna Bihar
(Constructed 27 prefabtoilet installation plus leachpit construction work & 30 units Leachpit construction work Total 57 units work)
• I uploaded 120 toilets photos on MHRDC as per guidelines of NTPC.
We had invested Rs. 26,00,000/- (Twenty Six Lakh) in this project by taking loan from bank.
The details of our investment is as follows :
• In the month of June 2015 when the project started we had deposited Rs. 800000/- (Rs. Eight Lakh) in R.K.Technologies bank account. & invested Rs 18,00,000/- for construction of 35 units toilet leachpit work & other Site expences. (Kusheshwar Asthan ,Jale Block at Darbhang Disrict).
After completion of this project in the month of June2016 we went to R.K.technologies office at Akola for our full & final settlement.
During meeting Mr. Arvind Dethe was showing us business losses of 50 Lakh & told us to bear the losses of 25 Lakh. (As a business partner).
He had provided site contractors ledgers but unable to provide purchase bills of supplied material when we demanded for bills he unable to provide & told us that total cost incurred for procurement of prefab material of Rs. 110,000/-.During meeting he tore the logo of R.K Technologies which was Printed on the ledger statement also he was forcefully taken my brother mobile & deleted the captured photos of Profit & Loss account Statement & ledger statement which he was showing to us during this meeting.

This time we have come to know his intention of cheating & also know how ill mannered & cunning person he is.
We went to Mumbai we had gathered bills & ledger statement from the suppliers which R.K.Technologies had procured the prefab toilet material. We made the accounts of our project & we were found that company was getting profit of more than Thirty Lakhs. Then we contacted Mr. Arvind Dethe and ask explanation, he told us that you were cheated me.
He was not only sharing business profit but tried to rob our invested money. (So far he has just given us two lakh rupees. )
Last month he had mail us a letter & stated that whatever money you have invested in this project I am returning to you & company has no liability . (R.K.Technologies mail Letter copy attached). R.K.Technologies Arvind Dethe is a BJP core committee member I don’t have money to fight against him in court. My only Mistake that I trust this company. I sincerely work put my 100% efforts, for completed this project but Company attitude was cheating to us.

Sir, Our Prime Minister always encourage people to become entrepreneur, but what a young entrepreneur has to face on the ground, I am the example of that. His own party people cheated common people. Company attitude has made my life quite tensed and Money lenders are threaten me of the consequence. What should I do in this situation I don't know?

Sir, as a Brand Ambassador of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan I write this letter to you. I hope you GIVE ME JUSTICE , My prayer to almighty God to give you the sprite to empower the poor people of India. Awaiting for your favorable reply.


Prakash Alfanso / Deepak Alfanso
Mob.:- 8007879719 / 9987467093