Hang to Death Penalty for Rapist

  2 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Men who Rape Women, Girls, Men, Boys, Kids

Petitioner: Anand Chitalia started on January 6, 2017

Hang to Death Penalty for Rapist

I have come to a point where I strongly believe that we have such strict laws for Murder but not for Rape in India.

I believe when a male or female is raped, it is equally worst as a Murder. The person dies by living all their life with the worst memory. It's the most life changing event that happens to a person and we shall understand that it changes one's life. Such drastic negative events shall not be taken lightly and I believe if we can't change the mindset of the Rapist, then we shall make the laws strong enough.

The reason people don't just kill any person lightly is because there are strict Laws. I believe the same must apply to Rape as people must be scared and think twice before doing it.

It's not just about Women but as a Humanity we must eradicate Rapes around the world.

I would never want any person to be Hang to Death but it's time we save the daughters of this World. It's time we stand up in anyway we can and save them this brutality.

Let's give them the hope of having a Safe Women World.