Grievance regarding toll Plaza-Kherki Daula, Gurgaon, Haryana removal

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Petitioning: Removal of Kherki Daula toll plaza (Gurgaon- Manesar)

Petitioner: Vaibhav Tyagi started on February 13, 2017

Grievance regarding toll Plaza-Kherki Daula, Gurgaon, Haryana removal

Dear All ,

Need your support in filing a petition against Kherki Daula toll plaza (Gurgaon- Manesar).
This toll was almost increased by three times for all vehicles to compensate for the removal of the Sirhaul plaza . At present, a private car driver pays Rs 60 as toll for each trip. would like to bring to your attention to the irregularities found in the Kherki Daula toll plaza located at Gurgaon, Haryana :

1) Firstly, this toll plaza (Kherki Daula, Gurgaon) is charging unnecessary amount of Rs 60 for one turn only and not Rs. 80 for both the turns( up and down) for cars/jeeps etc although Govt. of India has fixed the rates to not more than Rs.80 for to and fro ?? We are paying Rs. 60 for one turn and then Rs. 60 for another turn.

2) A study by the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi found that though the expressway was meant to carry interstate traffic between Delhi and Jaipur, it ended up being an intra-city urban road with features of a freeway, which has become its drawback.

3) Loan amount of Rs. 1100 crores in making a 42 Kms Delhi-Gurgaon express highway, which has already been recovered but still toll employee are charging over and excess to the daily commuters on daily basis as a hafta or fund.

4) Toll tickets are generally valid for 12 hours if we want to make another trip from the same ticket upto 12 hours but its not valid in Kherki Daula Toll Plaza. Service lanes of both sides of the toll plaza are narrow which causes traffic jams on both sides.

5) There is no one to manage smart dedicated tag lines at Kherki Daula toll plaza this led to mix up of tagged and non tagged vehicle. The plaza is congested during peak hours the stretch is used by aprox. 75,000 vehicles daily with a daily turnover of Rs. 43 Lakhs. Ideally a single vehicle should not take more than 2 minutes to cross but commuters says it takes more than 1/2 an hour to cross a kherki Daula toll plaza. Sometimes emergency vehicles also stuck at plaza.

6) The toll was almost increased by three times at the Kherki Daula toll plaza for all vehicles to compensate for the removal of the Sirhaul plaza. At present, a private car driver pays Rs 60 as toll for each trip.

7) The Manesar toll plaza hits Manesar based firms badly. Several years back two toll booths were set up, at a distance of 17 kilometer from each other, on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway that became operational in 2008. Nearly two lakh people ply on the expressway that was developed on the public-private-partnership model.

However, on February 2014, the Punjab and Haryana high court ordered removal of toll booth in Sarhaul following massive protests from residents, backed by NHAI. But, Kherki Daula toll was retained, and is currently being operated by a private company named Skylark Highways Solutions Limited.
Companies are losing the trust of international representatives visiting Manesar with business deals. For them, the traffic menace at the toll is a big deterrent. Several valuable clients have missed flights, assignments and meeting time and this keeps happening

Toll costs Rs 60-Rs 290 for each crossing. This causes much stress on employees working in industries. Moreover, the traffic mess at the toll booth has become a major cause for jams on the NH-8 in Gurgaon. Like Sarhaul toll,NHAI and Haryana government must take a decision in the larger interest of the people of Gurgaon

8) Locals, who live in villages around the toll plaza, say they have to suffer in many ways. Villagers say sometimes they get stuck in jams while on their way to hospital during medical emergencies. They said frequent clashes take place between them and toll staff. Residents of areas in and around the toll plaza allege that there has been an increase in pollution levels in the region as nearly 75,000 vehicles stop at the toll every day for more than 15 minutes. Almost 28,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are released at the toll plaza in a year due to the stoppage of vehicles.

Please support by signing the petition so that we can knock the doors of NHAI and Haryana Government , hoping the Positive initiative from our end leads to removal of this Kherki Daula unwanted toll

Thanks & Regards