Give Tathagatha Dey and other #UnsungHeroes Their Due

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Petitioning: Bollywood and the music industry

Petitioner: Tadpatri Talkies started on January 23, 2018

Give Tathagatha Dey and other #UnsungHeroes Their Due

When we started talking about The #UnsungHeroes Project, read here:, we knew that speaking about Tathagatha Dey would rattle the bee-hive, and appropriately, many people from the artist community and the media fraternity have come out in their support of Tatha Da, to get him the recognition he deserves.

The truth is, though, that Tatha Da's catalogue of overflowing excellence needs a wider audience, an audience who has definitely heard him, but has never known the man behind the music, or have incorrectly credited his work to someone else.

We can make this stop today. Our effort is to get Tathagatha Dey to you, unadulterated, over the next few days. But, it's your push to this message that'll make the industry, if not the country, take notice of the acknowledgement they owe to the maestro.

We want you to undertake this pledge to help not just Tathagatha Dey, but many artists like him to get recognition and get their due.

Be a part of this petition for a change we all would like to see in the scene, for good!

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