Domestic violence vs Divorce

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Petitioning: Indian Law

Petitioner: Khushi started on August 12, 2017

This petition is for justice for those girls who are face domestic violence in matrimonial homes. When those girls will get justice?
In india there are various laws which are meant for women.. But do they give justice to women. My observation is a big NO. Do we ever think if a girl is taki ng such a big step there must be some reason. No girl want to spoil her happy married life. Girls are not meant to bear harrasment torture of any kind in in laws house. She is being thrown out for no reason. She is not protected anywhere. Why? . If she takes legal help and file a complaint in domestic violence she has to be ready for divorce filed by husband. What should she do? Where should she gi for help. She simply want love care and respect from family but she is instead tortured for number of facts. She becomes helpless when his husband is also not with her support. She wants to settle these minor issues which are still prevailing in our society.
I want to ask indian judiciary system why divorce for those girls coming for help.
Why her in laws are not being directed to not do such harrasment with her. Give her life that she deserves.
But indian law give a gift of divorce to her for filing donestic violence and other legal halp. Please di justice not divorce.
Like if husband file divorce then no reason for wife to file 498 siimilarly it should be for men.. No reason for men to file divorce if wife file dv.. Men should first prove their innocence in the case filed by wife then they should file for divorce.

Say no to divorce save marriage.