Demand to Punish Rapists to Death by Torture.

  43 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Change the system.

Petitioner: Chetan Mirashi started on April 8, 2017

Over 34000 rapes are reported in our country. Many accused get bail or serve a minor punishment of 7 years that too gets reduced. But doesn't the rapist need to suffer the mental trauma same as the victim faces? Why is the rapist sentenced for 7 years but the victim for the whole life? When the rapist will get tortured one day every week, rapist will fear that day when it comes close. Such fear should be inflicted upon such inhumans. Capital punishment doesn't seem an option because the rapist will try to kill the accused after the gruesome act and will just be free to die (hanged until death). So, death by torture seems an appropriate way to deal with them

Petition started by - Chetan Mirashi, Siddharth Naik, Aditya Pandya, Akshaya Bobale, Prasoon Mishra