Clean Air for all residents living near Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon

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Petitioning: All residents of TCS

Petitioner: Kevika started on November 2, 2017

Clean Air for all residents living near Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon

Recent years have seen a huge increase in truck traffic volume on Golf Course Extension Road.
There are multiple residential areas on both side of this road with new buildings being constructed at this time.

The quality of air here has radically decreased along this stretch now.

Main contributors to pollution are -
1. Construction dust falling from and made airborne by uncovered trucks going to construction sites
2. No road shoulders - cars moving along the road edges kick up minor dust storms
3. Construction waste and debris dumped on sides of the road from the construction sites along the road
4. Burning of garbage and other waste. Example - in tigra village or behind DPSI school

All this has led to very poor Air Quality Index resulting in a lot of respiratory problems for many adults and children living in this area. So much so few of the people have already moved out of the area and others plan to live in other areas of Gurgaon

Clean Air is our right ..

But at this moment of time, to live with blue skies and fresh air is just a dream, given how things are.

A group of Citizens living in residences along this stretch, who are highly concerned about the current state of air quality have come together in an effort to move the Civic authorities and powers that be, to take corrective action on the aforesaid so that we residents are able to BREATHE

Accordingly we have formed a informal group called 'Citizens for Clean Air', comprising of concerned parents, children and grandparents, teachers, working executives and RWAs, to tackle this issue. We want the group to swell in numbers and for more and more residents to join this effort to make this dream a reality. The Facebook link is -

The group is writing to the DC Gurgaon and MCG Commissioner for their intervention and urgent action in the matter. I am circulating their letter in PDF separately on TCS Google Group for your reference. Some of the things we are asking the Gurgaon Administration -

- Repair all broken / potholed roads
- Challan the Uncovered trucks which carry construction material / waste
- Ensure NGT construction guidelines are followed and any construction material in the open at the construction site be kept wet
- Construction waste not to be dumped on the road
- Build dry waste collection centers
- Strictly enforce orders against burning of waste
- Develop the road shoulders
- Mechanized cleaning/ water sprinkling on the roads to keep them dust free

We need at least 5000 signatures on the said letter from all residents in the area. This petition is for informing residents of The Close South about the matter and get their signatures for this letter to be sent to DC Gurgaon and MCG Commissioner.

Looking forward to your support. Please sign the petition.