Against the Stampede of Mumbai

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Petitioning: It is against the system and politicians who works for Public

Petitioner: Swapnil started on October 4, 2017

The recent tragedy happened in Mumbai (Elphiston and Parel railway bridge). It seems that system and politicians are not so serious about the incident which caused death of 23 innocent MUMBAIKARS.

They think that MUMBAIKARS will forget such incidents after few days because of their daily busy routine.

The thing is politicians (MLAs, MPs, corporators etc.) should understand that how much normal mumbaikar suffers due to his daily routine.

Small suggestion-
It should be made compulsory for every public servant (politicians) to atleast once in a week they should travel using public transportation to reach their offices (Corporation office, Assembly, Parliament etc.)
Then only they will understand the real life of MUMBAIKAR who fight with death everyday.